The Lord's church in Kuala Lumpur has the following major ministries or areas of service. Each ministry is led by a Coordinator and assisted by other members, who carry out their duties in accordance with the decisions made based on the general consensus at the men's business meetings and general meeting(s) of the congregation. The list of ministries and their respective detailed OBJECTIVES are as below:

1. Evangelism, Missions & Library2. Worship Sevices & Sunday School
3. Membership & Discipline4. Church Activities & Benevolence
5. Building & Maintenance6. Youth
7. Ladies8. Chinese
9. Tamil10. Hearing-Impaired

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1. Evangelism, Missions & Library


a) To plan dates for Bible Campaigns/Gospel/Revival Meetings in conjunction with the coordinator of Worship Services and Sunday School, and guest speakers for such meetings.

b) To work detailed programs of the above meetings in conjunction with other coordinators as applicable.

c) To check suitability of tracts available and arrangements for their distribution.

d) To oversee all operations of the Bible Correspondence Course, with the view to:
1) recruit more students
2) finding effective ways to upgrade the type of correspondence courses available.
3) the building up of close rapport with the students.

e) To liaise with the Ushers to get names and addresses of visitors/prospects who attend our services and meetings.

f) To arrange programs to visit prospects, (congregationally and individually).

g) To instill among members the awareness that the world is lost without Christ.


a) To keep track and coordinate all mission work.

b) To encourage the membership and leaders by informing them as to what is happening in the mission field.

c) To report to the Committee of Management on the development of mission work and any assistance that is required in the mission work.

d) Identify housing areas or suitable areas to do church planting.


a) To appoint a librarian and lay down library hours.

b) To locate missing books.

c) To lay down ground rules for lending books.

d) To ensure only books which are doctrinally sound are kept in the library.

e) Doctrinally unsound books should be used with restriction and caution, even Bible Class teachers should use these books with wisdom.

f) To plan and budget for the purchase of new books.

g) To promote new books or interesting articles with the view of encouraging members to inculcate the habit of reading Biblical books.

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2. Worship Services & Sunday School


a) To find ways and means to boost attendance at all church services and meetings

b) To draw up list of:
1) speakers for worship service, (Sunday and Mid-week services)
2) men/ladies to serve and to inform them in advance

c) To check in advance the credentials of speakers/teachers before inviting them to speak/teach as to their:
1) lifestyle
2) spirituality
3) faithfulness to the Truth

d) Responsible for the physical arrangement for:
1) materials for the Lordís Supper and their preparation
2) preparation for baptistery
3) general housekeeping facilities

e) To arrange ushers to direct members/visitors to their seats and distribute visitors/attendance cards, bulletins, etc.

f) In conjunction with the Minister, to obtain family news for the church bulletin (the KL Messenger) before publication each Sunday.

g) To arrange for the auditorium to be opened on time for Worship service/Bible Class, distribution of books and their safe custody.

h) To arrange training classes for those Men To Serve, as applicable in the areas of song leading, Lordís Supper, Prayer and Announcement.

Sunday School

a) To assign teachers for different classes.

b) To arrange curriculum and review teaching materials from time to time.

c) To obtain financial approval so as to facilitate the Sunday School program.

d) To coordinate with the Sunday School teachers extra curricular activities such as Vacation Bible School, Sunday School Camps.

e) To arrange recruitment drive to bring in more Sunday School students.

f) To coordinate the transportation of children to the church building for the Sunday School lessons.

g) To bring to the attention of the Committee of Management any suggestion or proposal by the Sunday School teachers to improve the Sunday School.


a) To assign teachers for the Bible Classes such as:
1) youth class
2) new converts
3) adult Sunday Bible Class
4) adult Wednesday Bible Class
5) visitors class on Sunday and Wednesday

b) To arrange for training of Bible Class teachers.

c) To review from time to time the teaching materials needed to be used in the classes and place orders for them (subject to financial approval).

d) To organize to get the BCC reach out to as many people as possible and to attend to the participantsí answers and inquiries promptly.

e) To plan a balance yearly program covering the following:
1) exhortation
2) rebuking
3) educational
4) practical Christian living
5) doctrine and issues
6) evangelistic approach
7) Christian counseling

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3. Membership & Counselling

The duties of the Membership and Discipline Coordinator are as follows:


a) To visit the wayward and try to encourage them to remain faithful to the Truth.

b) To liaise with the church office and maintain the records of membersí addresses, telephone numbers and other needful information for the purpose of edification.

c) To encourage members to communicate and edify one another.

d) To come up with proposals to increase fellowship among the members and build up the family bond and to coordinate programs with the Church Activities & Benevolence coordinator.

e) To visit Christians who are sick.


a) To counsel, advise, rebuke, exhort and investigate each case carefully before any disciplinary action is taken.

b) To have lessons on church discipline (to liaise with the Minister and Worship & Sunday School coordinator) when deemed appropriate.

c) To take preventive and corrective measures relating to discipline.

d) To make visitations and take the necessary steps for discipline if required.

e) To report to the Committee of Management of any proposed action against an erring brother/brethren.

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4. Church Activities & Benevolence

The duties of the coordinator of the Church Activities & Benevolence are as follows:

Church Activities

a) To plan and implement various church programs for the year in conjunction with the Evangelism, Missions & Library coordinator and Membership & Discipline coordinator.

b) To organise programs for:
1) Home fellowship
2) Bible Camps, Picnics, Inter-congregational Activities, Singspiration & Outdoor activities
3) Leadership training
4) Lectureship/Seminar

c) To propose to the Committee of Management any plans of church activity that can relate to church growth and evangelism.

d) To liaise with Worship and Sunday School to screen Biblical films, to enhance the spiritual level of the church.


a) To arrange for donations in cash or kind for those in need whether in the church or outside, (e.g. Old Folks Home, Childrenís Home, etc.).

b) To make visitations to Hospitals, Orphanages, Old Folks Homes and other voluntary organizations as considered appropriate.

c) To liaise with the church office on help that is required in cash or kind for other congregations outside Malaysia or within.

d) To liaise with the Evangelism, Missions and Library to ascertain assistance of cash or kind to those involved in mission or evangelistic effort.

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5. Building & Maintenance

a) To maintain and to carry out repairs as necessary.

b) To upkeep cleanliness of the church building and to oversee the work of the janitor.

c) To ensure that the lighting, air-conditioning, plumbing, the projector and sound systems are in good working order.

d) To see that other general physical aspects of the church building are in good condition.

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6. Youth

a) To plan and implement various programs for the year.

b) To organise a Youth Gospel Meeting so as to reach out to other youths who are in need of salvation.

c) To organize programs for
1) inter-congregational Youth Activities such as Bible Quiz, Singspiration, Youth (Team-building and evangelistic programs).
2) outdoor activities (eg. jungle trekking, inter-congregational visits, home fellowships and healthy recreation).

d) To coordinate with the Worship & Sunday School coordinator and implement a Bible curriculum program during the Youth Bible Class to bring about development of character and awareness of doctrine.

e) To train the youths in the area of:
1) Bible Class teachers
2) Preaching
3) Serving during Worship and Bible Class e.g. song-leading, handling of songs, projector, prayer, Lordís Supper.
4) Soul winning

f) To coordinate and assist the other coordinators in running the church programs for the whole year.

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7. Ladies

a) To plan and implement programs:
1) To improve fellowship among the ladies.
2) To train the young ladies in living skills (e.g. cooking, sewing, health, financial management, people handling skills, counselling, children management, household matters).

b) To visit members who are absent from services or sick.

c) To extend benevolence by visiting Childrenís Home, Center for Abused and Abandoned women.

d) To have monthly ladies fellowship meetings to coincide with the Ordinary Business Meeting where the ladies can plan and implement the above programs.

e) To come up with suggestions where the ladies and the men of the congregation can work together towards the edification of the congregation.

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8. Chinese
Coordinator: Siow See Lim

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9. Tamil
Coordinator: Rajandran

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10. Hearing-Impaired
Coordinator: Lee Kian Seng

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