Report On Mission Trip - India 2012

by P Rajandran

I left for India on Air Asia on Saturday, 28 April at 3.30 pm from Kuala Lumpur and arrived at Kolkota at 6.00 pm. I stayed overnight and the next day left for Guwahati, Assam.

I taught at the North-East Bible Institute from 30 April 2012 through 11 May 2012 on the subject of "The Christian Home." On 11 May evening, I left for Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh to begin my meetings and training programs in the rural villages.


13/05/12 Sunday : I had the privilege to preach in 3 congregations in their worship services.

14-15/05/12 Mon/Tues : Day Classes and Night Gospel Meetings were conducted at Meduru.

16-17/05/12 Wed/Thur : Day Classes and Night Gospel Meetings conducted at Penugolanu.

18-19/05/12 Fri/Sat : Day Classes and Night Gospel Meetings conducted at Pedakomira.

20/05/12 Sunday : I had the privilege to preach in 3 congregations in their worship services.

21-22/05/12 Mon/Tues : Day Classes and Night Gospel Meetings conducted at Mylavaram.

23/05/12 Wed : Preachers' Training Workshop conducted at Meduru.

All in all, I spend 11 days in the village ministry. The bible classes and the gospel meetings were well attended. While I was there, a total of 9 precious souls were added to the Lord in baptism.

While I was in Singapore last December attending the Four Seas College Lectureship, I met Rajendran Pande of Jurong congregation who hails from the rural area of Vijayawada, A.P, India. Knowing that I make regular trip to India, he requested me to go his village to preach and encourage the brethren there and that's how I got there.


25 - 27/05/12 Fri, Sat & Sun : I preached at Kodungaiyur Church of Christ which was established 2 years ago.

RM 1,000 Datuk Yeow Chin Kiong
RM1,000 Ir Liew Weng Lum
RM1,000 Veronica Wee Kim Lan
RM 800 Lee Soh Chin
RM 300 Mona Kalu
RM 200 Linda Lee
RM 200 Victor Gnanam
RM 800 Air Asia Flight
RM 800 India Domestic Flight
RM1,200 Meeting Expenses
RM1,700 Purchase of Motorcycle for P. Kandasamy
Total RM4,500Total RM4,500

P.S.: Dr. Koay, the Elder of the Klang congregation bought a motorcycle for bro. P. Kandasamy of Ottanchatiram, Tamilnadu few years ago. Last year, the bike was involved in a head on collision with another bike and was totally wrecked. He requested for a new motorcycle and I discuss this matter with sis. Lee Soh Chin and she agreed to channel her part of the fund towards the purchase of a new bike for Kandasamy. The Gnanam family partially supports Kandasamy's ministry.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for brethren who financially assisted to make this trip possible. God bless.

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Visit to Massih Tudu in Purnea, Bihar, India

by Richard Lee

My journey to Purnea, Bihar started on 20 April 2012, after my teaching assignment in North East Bible Institute (NBI), Guawahati, Assam, India.

I boarded a night train and traveled overnight (13 hours) to reach Kotihar Junction where bro. Massih Tudu and bro. Arvind Kisku came to pick me up in a “church” mini pick up truck. From there, they drove 2 hours or more to reach Purnea where I checked in a hotel (non-air-conditioned room) and had my lunch about 3 pm.

At about 5 pm, bro. Massih Tudu came to pick me for the evening bible lesson where we have about 20 in attendance. The next day is the Lord’s day and we have some 25 members and friends coming to worship. I spoke on both occasion in English and bro. Samil Baski lead singing in Santali language (they have only one hymn book, so I had them photostated 15 copies so that as many can read, can sing praises to God)). Bro. Massih Tudu translated my lesson to Hindi. The Christians (general population) here speak Santali and Hindi. That afternoon, Massih Tudu and I had lunch together and we discussed about the work there.

Bro. Massih Tudu is married and has a son, 2 years old plus. He studied in Madras Bible College before doing full time.

His work involves teaching bible to those interested around the vicinity of two hours journey. Distance does not apply as transportation is slow and road hard to travel. General population is poor and not very receptive to the bible. Most are hindus.

The church in Purnea has about 10 members in attendance or more (varies on different Sundays). His family, using his father’s name to get a loan, has bought a pick truck for church use. This is to help members to come to church by picking them up from a designated location. They worship in a shed just beside their house (land belong to their family), built by their family and with the help of members of the church.

One of the converts of Massih Tudu is bro. Samil Baski. Bro. Samil has also started a work about almost two hour drive away and they have some 5 families worshipping there. I visited some of them when I went to his village. Likewise for bro. Arvind Kisku who has a small gathering of Christians to worship on the Lord’s day in his village. Another brother, Nehemiah (bro. Massih Tudu’s work), has also shown interest in preaching the Word and is contemplating to go to a preaching school. They go by faith not knowing who will support them after they graduate. The have land to plough and they plant paddy, corn, wheat but no solid cash. Some may own cows and wild boars and some chicken but no cash. Most of them have one or two meals only a day.

They live day by day in their village without running water (tap water) and no electricity. It was total darkness when I visited Nehemiah at about 7.30 pm. Road conditions are bad and that being the reason for the long journey though the distance may not be that long.

With regard to the wages of preachers in India, it varies. I spoke to bro. Scott Richards in NBI and was told that US.100.00 and above per month would be reasonable but need to take into consideration, a place for church meeting (i.e. exclude rental).

It is my understanding that the wages for the general population there are as follows:
Managers: RM 1500.00 / Rs. 22,500 per month
Teachers : RM 900.00 / Rs. 13,500 per month
School Administrator (Christian school) RM 500.00 / Rs. 7500 per month.

Clay house/hut cost about Rs. 600 to 1000 to rent per month.
Brick house will cost about Rs. 3000 to rent per month.
(Exchange Rates: US. 1.00 = Rs. 50 (varies)
RM 1.00 = Rs. 15 (varies)
Local food is inexpensive but other cost like schools, school uniforms and books are.

Bro. Massih idea is to continue to teach and preach and to win souls. I can understand him as the situation and condition are different from here. He hopes to finally have a strong Christian numbers and expand from there. One of his visions (also that of his father-strong supporter of his work) is to work together with bros. Samil and Arvind to start a orphanage home. According to him, without any kind of good work it is hard to win the souls of the people there. The denominations provide schools for their members’ children and also look into their welfare. It is a tough work for those believe in the truth and still hold on to it though the offer elsewhere is “greener”.

My final input is for the church to consider the good work he has done, his family input for the church to worship (mini pick up truck and place for worship without any rental burden to the church) and the low salary that he is receiving. He mentioned that he has received the full fund that KL church is giving to him this year through bro. Rajandran and thank the church for it. HE needed the funds as his father was unwell earlier part of the year.

However, in my opinion, IF the church should decide to cut off his support, please give him a little time and inform him ahead of time.

I took leave from Purnea on Monday, 23 April to Semapur train station (after visiting bro. Samil’s village and congregation members) and left on an overnight train to Kolkata.

This is my report and I thank the KL church for the financial support to make this trip possible.

May the Lord bless you as you contemplate on this matter.

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