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31 March 2012, Roberto Indong, Philippines

Thank you very, very much for providing a link with many great spiritual songs recorded by the churches of Christ.

It is truly a blessing, uplifting, and comforting to listening to them.

God bless you in all that you do for the edification of the saints and for the glory of God.

14 November 2011, Don Green, U.S.A.

Greetings in Christ, We enjoy the information we get from the church in K. L. We worked in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 1966 - 1969. Do you have any contact information on Brother Francis Pavalus in Ipoh, or the Tamil church which meets I think on Lim Boh Sing in the Waller Courts area of Ipoh. I would like to contact him or his family. Please give our greetings to Doris and Chan Kim Foh, and other brethren who we might have known earlier. Our knowledge of the church in Malaysia is not much at present and we would like to know more.

Ann my wife and I have been with the Church of Christ East Frayser for 51 years we still do evangelism work. We formerly lived in Ipoh, Singapore and Indonesia. Since we stopped traveling to South East Asia in 1993. Since 1994 we have been working in E. Europe. Donetsk, Donbass area, of Eastern Ukraine. We helped establish the present work there. Ukrainian Bible Institue in 1994. Since 1997 there have been 147 graduates from the two year program conducted by SIBI and presently the director isw Jay Don Rogers. There are 109 churches registered with the government and about that many not registered. Eastern European Missions, printers and distributors of Bibles has moved their offices from Vienna Austria to Donetsk and have distributed millions of Bibles and Childrens Bibles in the Russian Language in Ukriane and Russia. Two large school areas have all received Bibles and related Biblical study books in Librarys. Teachers and students are being trained in the Scriptures. EEM has a request to distribute Bibles in two other school districts in Ukraine but will not commit to give them until they have the funds for printing and have them printed for these new areas. Bible Literature is one of the early methods we used in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as you must know. Choate Publications of Winnona, MS. USA is doing a wonderful job of evangelism through literature now. If you are interested in having there help you probably know where you can contact them even today.

Anyway, we are interested in what you are doing in Malaysia and your work through the Church of Christ to bring souls to Christ. Thank you for staying in touch with the world and all of us. Sincerely in Christ, Don and Ann Green.

PS. Our daughter Tabitha was born in Ipoh and now is 43 years ago. She works for St. Jude Children's hospital. Timothy who was 2 years old when we moved to Ipoh is an Electrical Engineer for Fedx here in Memphis, Tn. Daniel who was born in 1975 is a minister at the Forrest View congregation in Memphis, Tn. We have 10 grandchildren. We have been blessed. In Sept/Oct. 2011 we had a campaign for Christ in Budapest Hungary and helped start a new work in N. Serbia with the Evangelist and his family living in Budapest Hungary Curry and Dora Montague, and their three children. May God Bless your work in K. L and South East Asia. Do you get Global Harvest the voice of World Evangelism?

18 December 2009, Dean Blackwell, U.S.A.

I am not sure if I need to make my request to you or someone else, so I am sending it to you and the other address that you have posted on your website. First, I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done and sharing the Bible Course online. With your permission, I would like to teach the lessons you have posted online to the brethren here. Would you mind sending me the answers to the questions? It is not that I am lazy but because I have a very busy schedule and having the answers would help me greatly. Your brother in the Lord, Dean Blackwell

27 August 2009, Iram Channan, Pakistan

Subject: Request for Translation Work

Greetings of Peace in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

It is really privileged for me to write to your ministry and I pray may Lord bless you abundantly. I found that you have awesome and precious work of Lord Jesus Christ, May God bless your Church staff and all precious work.

I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith.

I am Iram, from Multan , Pakistan. Living in Pakistan we Christians have to face many obstacles to get the access to the Word of God. Most of the people in Pakistan are not capable to understand the English language and they are hungry of the Gods words. So I will be very thankful to you if you can to translate your material into my native languages.

For this I am able to translate the good stuff of you into my native language Punjabi, Sariki, Sindhi and national language Urdu. There are two purposes to request you the first one is to know the Word of God more deeply and second one is to be supportive my family. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu, Sariki, Sindhi and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Sariki speaking people.

For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Sariki language as well. Although it will take your low expenses, as well as fund for the Word of God, to reach out to the deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be spending just for the Word.

May God Shower his blessings upon you and your ministrys work.

Looking forward for your kind response,
Yours Sister in Christ, Iram.

3 October 2008, Joseph Sullivan, U.S.A.

I have really enjoyed listening to the audio recordings at your directory. This is the best link site for congregational files I've found on the net. I went ahead and placed your link on my two COC sites:



    2 October 2008, Jospeh Sullivan, U.S.A.

    I just visited your acappella singing page. Well done. There's not enough church of Christ music sites out there. I'm writing to ask your permission to submit my music link. The site is called Church of Christ Radio - We play church of Christ (acappella) songs from Christian artistes. It would be an honor to be a part of your site.

    God bless...

    19 July 2008, Curtis Cates, U.S.A.

    You are very dear to my heart. I admire you greatly, brother Chris. I appreciate brother Bland's having conveyed my deep feelings and affection to you. You, your fine family, and the beloved brethren at Kuala Lumpur are most special to me.

    Yes indeed, I do have the beautiful blowpipe and darts displayed prominently in the living room at home, and it is often the topic of conversation. In fact, often people wish for me to take it down and show it to them "hands on." It gives me the opportunity to tell our guests about the tremendously wonderful work you brethren did in hosting the Asian Bible Lectureship and how very gracious you and the brethren were not only on that occasion but also on the occasion of my being privileged at another time to preach in a gospel meeting at KL.

    I remember going to the KL church several times in the 1980's, and on one of those occasions the congregation had a special dinner, etc., at which time they honored brother and sister Rice. I well remember that very thoughtful, gracious gesture. In fact, my associations with you and the brethren there are all very precious memories.

    Brother Chris, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most modern, beautiful cities I have ever been privileged to visit. And, the brethren are so beautiful in character and hospitality! I thank you and them for every kindness you have shown to Andy and me. Thank you also for sending warmest greetings to our family. And, thank you for your generous words about the photograph in "Pressing Toward the Mark" and about Annette's having married me. She has been a great blessing in my life and has "kept the home fires burning."

    I am glad that your cousin, Suresh, received encouragement from the statement. I wish him well.

    I wish you and yours very rich blessing in the Lord.

    24 April 2007, B. Jala Babu, India

    Dear Wonderful Brethren in Christ,

    Greetings to you from all your brethren here at Repalle. We hope this letter finds you all in sound health and enjoy every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.

    I enjoyed your wonderful website last week. I saw your e-mail address from Internet Website. I thank God very much for He has allowed us to write and correspond with you dear brethren in Christ.

    I thank my God on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ. We prayed God for you all brethren and writing this letter prayerfully for your kind consideration. You are our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

    My name is B. Jala Babu, preacher for the CHURCH OF CHRIST, 2nd ward, East Christianpet, Repalle - 522 265, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, South India. I want to give you some brief report about us and the work that we have been doing for the Lord. I converted from Hindu background; and learned the God’s word from our brethren in Madras. I began to preach the God’s word in 1991. I have found great privileges by God’s grace to preach and teach the WORD in the Bible lectureships, Bible classes and gospel meetings in several States in India. It is a great joy for us to share our work with you dear brothers and sisters in the name of Christ.

    We trust that you brethren are faithful servants of God in His church. Paul said-“And I my self also am persuaded of you, my brethren, that ye also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge…” Romans 15:14. We sincerely wish to fellowship and work with you dear brethren for His cause.

    India is inhabited by more than one thousand million souls. It is the second most populous nation in the world. India contains 25 States and 17 major languages. Out of one thousand millions people the Christians are 25.8 percent. We need your prayers and assistance for evangelizing people for Christ in India.

    Andhra Pradesh is one of the big States in South India. Our State Andhra Pradesh contains 25 Districts. People in our area are so kind, gentle and hospitable. They sit on the floor and hear the GOSPEL for hours. We spend our time for study, preparing good lessons and preaching the Gospel of Christ to our people. They wanted always to hear and obey the God’s word when we teach them in love. The word of God kept on spreading speedily; and the numbers of disciples becoming continued obeyed to the faith, and were increasing in number every year.


    In 1991 we reached Repalle and began to preach the word of truth. We preached the Glorious Gospel of Christ among all the people. Indeed, a burning desire inspired us to preach the word of God in this town Repalle. We saw and faced some dangerous situations in the beginning through Non-Christians and unbelievers. I thank God for He had delivered us and protected us from every dangerous situation. By the God's grace there was a small congregation began and now it strengthened in the faith and was increasing every year. We planted the good seed of the God's word in the hearts of men and women, which will bring forth fruit after it's own kind. God gives increase. The word of the Lord was growing mighty and prevailing. Last year 25 people (included other places) baptized for the remission of sins. We want to follow always the teaching of the New Testament and examples of the church in Jerusalem and put it all in the framework of the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace for church growth.

    The church here has threefold mission as it is revealed in the New Testament. To teach the gospel of Christ to all people and to baptize them into Christ (Matt 28:18, 20; Mark16:15, 16). To edify and encourage the brethren to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 4:11-16; I Thess 5:11), and to practice benevolence and kindness toward all mankind (Gal 2:10; 6:9, 10).

    Brethren, I mention these things because we want you to know about us and the work here. We hope you dear brethren are so very kind and generous to help the Lord’s people in India. We believe that your love and kindness can provide us many good things for spreading the gospel of Christ in India. A small support will be a big help and great encouragement for the work of the Lord. Brethren if you help us little support we can do more and more good work for God and His glory. We hope that you brethren become great asset and good sponsors for the evangelism in India. I will send my work report and pictures of the evangelism every month for your information. You are always in our thoughts and prayers here. We look forward to hearing good news from you soon.

    All the brethren here greet you all.

    19 October 2006, Roger Campbell

    Bro. Chris, it was a joy for me to receive your letter. I pray that things are going well for you, your family, and your work for the Master.

    Donna and I were in Malaysia in February this year, but it seems like so long ago. I really miss Malaysia! The brethren there have been so good and kind to us, and it has been a real blessing for us to get to know so many saints and work with them.

    In August I spent three weeks in Mainland China. This was my first trip to go there. Brother John Yo was with me about half of the time that I was there. It was a good trip; an eye-opening experience. I was thrilled to see two sisters in the Lord whom we had taught and baptized while living in Ukraine. It is a small world! In addition, one woman with whom I had several Bible studies in the Ukraine on a trip there in 2002, traveled about 15 hours to join us for studies. It was such a joy when she told me that she wanted to obey the gospel. We baptized her in a hotel bathtub.

    The work here is quite stable. We have a great number of faithful families that are very encouraging to all of us. We need to be more evangelistic-minded.

    Thank you for asking about my family. As far as I know, all are doing well. And the grandchildren, why, yes, they are quite wonderful. Lord willing, by the middle of December we will have two more! In fact, one is supposed to be born any day now. That means, of course, that Donna will probably plan to buy a bigger purse in order to be able to carry more pictures of those that she calls "my babies."

    Please give my greetings to all the saints.

    20 September 2006, Joseph Savi

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am also fine by the grace of God. This is to inform you that I am making a good use of your site. I am also an evangelist working with the church of christ in Harrisonville in the USA. I am currently working in Togo as a missionary. I want to know about your teaching on tithes. I knew it was meant for the people under the Old Testament. But kindly help me with your teachings on this subject.

    15 September 2006, Marvin & Sue Trice

    It is wonderful to hear of your continued faithfulness and service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ over the many years. Many have been brought into the kingdom as a result of your work. We wish that we could be with you on September 16, 2006 to celebrate with you on the occasion of your 40th anniversary. We were privileged to be with you for 10 of those years. Those are some of the best years of our lives and we miss each of you very much. We pray that you will continue to serve the Lord faithfully until the day when He returns and that He will bless you richly in every part of your lives. Continue to love and nurture one another just as Christ loved and gave Himself for the church.

    12 September 2006, Susie Wilson

    I was doing a search for pre-school material for lessons on miracles. I attend the Southside church of Christ in Silsbee, Texas and next quarter each class will be studying 13 miracles. I teach the pre-school age children. Any suggestions? I am at work and do not have the list of the miracles we will be studying but could send it to you if it would help. We are trying to start a website and hopefully will have one soon.

    7 September 2006, Billy Bland

    I trust that you are doing well. I keep up with you via the weekly electronic bulletin. I always enjoy receiving it.

    Lord willing, I am looking forward to the Gospel Meeting with you December 1 -3. I should arrive in KL on the morning of December 1st and then depart the afternoon of December 3rd , (as I am to be in Singapore on Monday). I already have my hotel reservations in KL.

    Please thank the brethren for the invitation to preach in this Gospel Meeting and I pray that God will be glorified, souls will be saved and the church will be edified. May God bless you.

    22 August 2006, Ken Willis

    After getting home from the 21st AABL a lot has happened in our lives. After 15 years with the church at Morrison, we are now working with the church in Cornersville, Tn. In the transition and getting new email address etc. I lost out on receiving the KL electronic bulletin (think I used to receive it).

    How are things going there? We are fine, and staying busy right now in remodeling a house we purchased here. It was built in 1960 so are retro the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Also enjoying our work here. Have had 7 baptisms thus far this year, and seeing the attendance increase.

    God bless. Our greetings to all there that know us.

    16 March 2006, Timothy Graefe

    Hi Christopher,

    I wanted to apologize for not being with you tonight at Bible Study - I really wanted to come. Unfortunately it was a late night at work.

    Also, I was hoping to chat with you a little personally before my trip back to the U.S. but it looks like I have run out of time. At any rate, I want you to know that I have really appreciated worshipping with you and the church family in KL. You made me feel quite at home, and the worship and your lessons were very encouraging for me while I was away from home.

    I was also wondering how things are going with your building program, and also if you are a self-supporting congregation, or if you have any congregations that are helping you out.

    Finally, my wife was wondering if I could get a picture of your current location. She just wanted to see for herself, and thought that it might make the congregation over here feel a little closer to yours if they could see where I was worshipping. I looked on your web-site and saw some good pictures of your youth camp, but none of your current location. If you happen to have any, I would appreciate it. She and others in my congregation have been thankful that I could worship with the Lord's church even on the other side of the world :)

    Thanks again and I will keep you and the KL congregation in my prayers.

    19 December 2005, Ong Chong Seng, Malaysia

    You really have a very interesting and well-maintained website.

    28 September 2005, Sarah Weinzirl, Florida, USA

    I would just like to say thank you. I was on Windows Media Player, and I was feeling incredibly sad, and your hymn "Joyful, Joyful" touched me and improved my mood. I was sad because I ruined my chance of a sports scholarship; even though I cannot fix that, your hymn still helped. Thank you so much.

    26 June 2005, Nigel Best, UK

    Greetings to the Saints in Kuala Lumpur. You have a wonderful website, full of many wonderfull lessons which i will be sharing with our young bible students. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you make an impact in your local area. Please pray for us in the Stratford Church of Christ in East London, UK as we strive to do the same. God Bless.

    7 May 2005, Billy & Terry Bland, USA

    Greetings. I am happy to learn through your website that bro. Chan Kim Foh and his good wife sister Doris are doing better. Also, you have an attractive and informative Website. I appreciate your good work. With the many departures from God's Word, let's all purpose in our hearts to "cleave unto the Lord," in all areas (Acts 11:23). May God continue to bless your good works.

    23 March 2005, John Yo, Taiwan

    Thanks for sending your website updates to us. We know bro. Roger has been with you since last Sunday afternoon. Please send our greetings to brethren.

    12 February 2005, J M Johnston (California, USA)

    Hello, hi I like your website and am curious about your tracts. (Please send me those tracts I have chosen.) Thank you.

    25 January 2005, Lynn Pruitt (Iowa, USA)

    Today we was pleased to receive a link to your website and read through it with extreme interest. We were especially excited to see our names listed as some of the expariates who worshipped with the KL church. Just one slight correction, we were there in 1981 and 1982 rather than the dates shown.

    It is good to learn that the church is still well and active. We are still living and working in Iowa, USA. All of our four sons are married and we have 9 grandchildren. Emma Mae retired from teaching a couple of years ago and Lynn plans to retire from engineering work in 2006. We hope to be able travel and perhaps can take a trip back to Malaysia.

    Please extend our best wishes to the brethren in KL and continue to keep the Faith. In Christina Love, Lynn and Emma Mae Pruitt

    6 June 2004, Rudy Lim (California, USA)

    I enjoyed your web page -, including the inspiring hymns.

    26 May 2004, Aaron B L Ong (Perth, Australia)

    I was previously from Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore but currently in Perth.

    Just found your web site and found that it contains a lot of useful information. I have, therefore, linked your site to

    Hope you could also add the Virtual Church Community ( to your site. God bless

    14 April 2004, Linda Turk (Alabama, USA)

    What a wonderful web site. I found it last night and have bookmarked it. I plan to spend much time here in the future. I pray that God will continue to bless you and the work that you are doing.

    22 March 2004, Jerry and Joyce (Akron, Ohio, USA)

    Well, bless you! Thanks, sincerely, for taking the time to respond with lovingkindness and encouragement! You have blessed us with abundant resources... and we do appreciate it! It is indeed a blessing also to meet you here on the net. May the Lord bless and prosper you as you give of yourself to honor and bring glory to him! We hope to visit your site again and from time to time!

    23 September 2003, Jee Kim

    Hello, some questions about non-denominational church. My name is Jee Kim from Arizona State University. First of all, really sorry about my poor English skill, because English isn't my first language.

    I got a project from my world religion class to research about non-denominational church. I tried to research web-sites about it, but I couldn't get enough information. So, would you please, if there are any information you could provide for me, it would be really thankful. I still don't understand the differences between denominational church and non-denominational church. Researching without knowing those exact differences were kind of confused me. I need to know who is considered its founder;where;when and main beliefs of the faith. Last week, I visited one of non-denominational church and about 95% of people were white, and I was wondering if this proportion of race is just for this particular church or for the every other non-denominational church. Thank you for reading all of these and I hope you could help me out from these problems I am having.

    8 July 2003, Kerry Kendrick

    Thank you so much for your updates. I hope to be in KL sometime this year and hope to see you then.

    2 May 2003, Jerry Barrett

    I am so glad that I found your site. I am a member of the 1963 Scranton Central High School Class (USA) that is having a 40 year reunion this summer. We have a Kuala Lumpur address for a fellow graduate who we are trying to contact. Is there any way that someone there might be able to check to see if our friend is still residing there, and if he is, to have him pass us his phone number and/or, if he has it, an email address at his home or work? Here is his information [withheld]. I have the same last name as Michael, but we are not related. I am sure he will remember me.

    I am very impressed with your website. I am a member of the praise team at South Potomac Church in Waldorf, MD. I am including Mark, our music pastor, as a copy to on this email. I know he will visit your site.

    2 May 2003, Marvin & Sue Trice

    We send our greetings to all the brethren there at Kuala Lumpur. We miss being with you very much and you are always in our prayers for continued faithful service. You are doing a wonderful work with the bulletin that goes out by email. I use your web page as an example to encourage our young men to do more with our web page.

    It is wonderful to hear of the baptism of more into the body there and to hear that you are supporting the work in Kuantan. We heard this week that a lectureship will be held in K. L. in late November. We hope to be there at that time, to worship with you at K.L. and to spend time visiting with all the brethren there.

    13 November 2002, Mulyawan Tjandra Tan

    I hit into this site when I try to find information on "Malaysia - My Second home Programme". I need help to find a reliable agent/lawyer that can help me prepare all the necessary administrative works to enable me apply for this programme.

    6 October 2002, Abigail Chew

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the brethren of KL Church of Christ for all the love shown to me and my husband (David) during our recent visit. It will surely remain in our memory for a long long time. Thank you again and May God bless all of you.

    5 September 2002, Abigail Chew

    Trying to get to know more about you all first before my husband (David) and I go up to meet all of you on the 12th of Sept. (at the Camp). Recognize a few names from "OUR LEADERS". Eager to meet all of you!

    30 August 2002, Danny Lim

    Greetings. Firstly of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Danny and I would like to express my interest in the Church of Christ, Kuala Lumpur.

    Before that, I would like to tell you a little story of mine. Before I laid my faith and trust to Lord Jesus, I caught a terrible disease and was admitted to the hospital for more than 3 weeks. Things seemed to be not working fine until my boss, who is a Christian, brought along two pastors to do prayers for me. I was asked if I believed and was to lay my believe to Lord Jesus. My answer was yes (as since long time ago I have a strong feeling for HIM, though by nature I was not a religious person). Since that night, I believed in Jesus Christ, which then I considered myself a Christian.

    By miracle, my fever, which has been continuous, stopped immediately that night, and I felt that there are no other than it's the power of Lord Jesus. Though my sickness stills persisted (doctor said that a long treatment is needed). This has put me into stronger belief that it's Lord that heard the prayers and I was being helped.

    Since then I've been seeking for a church, which could help me to understand and learn Christianity (forgive me that I have very little knowledge about Christianity) and this has lead me to your church website. I was wondering on how to I put my first step into Christianity? Hope I could hear from you.

    29 August 2002, Araba Mbirba Amuasi

    I am a female Ghanaian Christian (Vertical Centre Church of Christ, Tema) visiting Malaysia for some time. I was in KL for some time but was unable to locate the Lord's church. Now I'm in Melaka and I really need information about the nearest congregation. I'm staying in Bukit Baru till 15 September before I go back to Ghana. I like your website and I intend it to visit it more, even from Ghana. I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank you.

    23 August 2002, Omar Corpus

    Love from Mexico. Hello brothers. I enjoy knowing the Lord´s family in Asia. This is a good web. I praise God for your work. I´m a music minister in the Toluca Mexico Church of Christ. Please vist us:

    21 August 2002, Joseph & Alicia Lee

    Do send the church in KL our greetings and thanks for the newsletter which we receive regularly to keep us informed of things happening in the KL church. Thanks for telling me about the KL church web site - it looks good. I had a lot of problems getting in for many days, but I finally managed to get through tonight. God bless you all as you serve Him.

    17 August 2002, Ken & Clyde Ann Willis

    Greetings to all at K. L. Still many fond memories of our work with K.L. back over on Ipoh Road. Tell Rajandran I want to hear about his work at Himalayan Bible School, as we are supposed to make a trip there one day.

    15 August 2002, Raybestor Loke

    You have a very nice web site. Very informative. I like your CHURCH HISTORY. It is very well kept. Keep it up. May God continue to bless you richly in all that you do. Keep up the good work. Greetings from all at Geylang Church of Christ also.

    4 May 2002, Miles Cotham

    Thank you for the information. Yes, it would be nice to be kept up to date. I appreciate it. Lord willing, I will see you June 26th as we have discussed by e-mail.

    29 April 2002, Mike Coleman

    Great Website! Keep up the good work! May God Bless You.

    25 April 2002, Jeremy Marshall & Nathan Wheeler

    Greetings, brothers. We are two college students (Freed-Hardeman University) working on a plan of evangelism for Kuala Lumpur for a Missionary Strategies class. When we started our work, we did not know that there was already a church of Christ established in the city. We would like some more information e-mailed to us, and are interested in finding out how you work and evangelize in the area. Where do you meet for worship? Are you self-supporting? How many Christians are there, and how many from each ethnic group? Thank you for your help, and we hope to hear from you soon!

    25 April 2002, Jodi Ward

    I am a faithful member of the Lord's church (church of Christ). I am interested in having a female(I'm female too) Christian friend from your area. If anyone in our church family over there is interested in corresponding with me please write to me at one of these addresses: or 1724 1/2 17th SST Monroe, WI 53566, USA. I just want to share the love Jesus has blessed me with. Thank you.

    22 Apr 2002, Marvin L. Trice, Jr.

    I received the notice of the update on the KL web page and pulled it up. I was amazed to hear the music in the background and the link that you have added for accapella singing. Sue and I are good friends of the McCoy family that is included and the Kleinwood church is located not far from us here in Houston. You have done a marvelous job with the website. I have not seen a better one. It is very interactive, with clear, crisp messages and wonderful links for study and reference material.

    24 February 2002, Marvin L. Trice, Jr.

    You have really done a great job with the KL web page. The layout is attractive and the linkages for resources and study materials are the best I have found. I do not know how you have located all of those sources. We have included the KL web site as one of the sources for our members or visitors to our web site to go to for study materials.

    23 February 2002, Curtis Hinson

    Hello to all. I have fond memories of my time in Malaysia, I always enjoyed the times when congregations could meet and fellowship. I am working on a Missions degree in Abilene, doing ministry with international students, and working as a web developer for church/mission organizations now. I will visit Malaysia when I have a little more time! Then we can share some coffee and encouragement. May God bless your work.

    21 January 2002, Eddie & Rose Yong

    Greetings and best wishes for the new year. Keep up the good work and know that we have a special place in our hearts for you all. God bless your richly.

    15 January 2002, Glenn Couch

    Hello, I hope all is well there. I am a deacon at the Champions Church of Christ in Houston. We are trying to set links on our web page to churches with good bible studies. Marvin Trice, one of our elders, and a friend of many there, wants us to set up a link to your web page, because yours is so good. Before we do I would like to get your permission. Please email me, and let me know what I need to do. Thanks, and best wishes.

    12 January 2002, Henry Kong

    Definitely the best website in this region. Compared to ours, we look like amateurs. Keep up the good work.

    16 December 2001, Sebastian Werneburg

    It is good there are Christians around the world. God bless the young students and old masters.

    18 November 2001, Irene Endarti

    Hi, visited your site, I enjoyed and am surprised. At the beginning I was just only wondering to which church I am going to, because I will be at Kuala Lumpur on 21/11 to exhibit with several Indonesian business associations at Safuan Plaza on 23/11-12/12. God Bless.

    9 November 2001, Bill Adcox

    Greetings to you. I remember fondly the Wednesday evening worship that Roy Gilbert and I enjoyed with you in late August. Praying you are all doing well. I enjoyed visiting your website. My apologies for waiting so long to get to it. Keep up the wonderful work. God bless.

    18 September 2001, Jeff M

    Want to trade links? --

    7 September 2001, Beth

    My husband is a computer technician at a college, and is always exploring the internet. He has found a bible program that is awesome, and free. It contains the Greek New Testament w/variants, Hebrew Old Testament (tanach), King James Version with Strong's numbers, Modern King James, and translation comparison of verses. This program also has the Easton 1987 bible dictionary, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Strong's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry's Commentary, John Wesley's Explanatory Notes, and a study note section for your study. The program is free and simple to us. I wanted to make you aware of this program. If you are interested in this program the link is

    4 September 2001, Earle West

    Thanks for the update to our directory. You have a wonderful website.

    27 August 2001, Mike Hodge

    I have visited your site as a part of a course I am taking. I think it is wonderful and I was very delighted to see a graphic you have on your page. It is rotating gif which asks questions, then shows the Bible as the answer source. I would like permission to use the gif on my Chilren's Ministry Website which is a part of the Church of the Foothills Could I have your permission to use this graphic? Thank You Mike Hodge, Children's Ministries, Webmaster

    16 August 2001, Angela Wray

    Hi, my family will be moving to Malaysia in November. My husband and I have two small children, 20 months and a 3 year old, both girls. We want to continue to instill Christian values into our children even though we will no longer be living in the States. Could you tell me what activities, if any, would be available for my preschool age child, in order for her and us to continue to grow with Christ? Also, I have trepidations about moving so far away from my family and would like to know what the standard of life is there and what supplies I need to bring with me that I may not find there. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. God Bless, Angela

    12 June 2001, Lynn A. Decker

    Greetings from the Long Island Church of Christ! I am so happy to see the Church of Christ in Asia. I hope that the Lord continues to bless you with good fruit! In Him, Lynn

    6 June 2001, Philip W. Loh

    Greetings, peace to you and grace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. How are you doing my dear brethren? I have visited your home page many times. You have done a wonderful job for the home page and we would like to set up a home page like yours. Would appreciate it if you could help us by providing information and instructions on how to set it up.

    22 May 2001, Aaron Van Heest

    Greetings, Church of Christ in Kuala Lumpur. My name is Aaron Van Heest,a disciple of Jesus Christ. I live in Michigan in the United States. Recently at a Bible study focused on looking out for the needs of others and Christian unity, everyone selected a country to begin praying for and considering supporting in some way, shape, or form as God leads. I picked Malaysia out of the bag. I am wondering if there are any tangible ways that I can support you, the Church of Christ in Kuala Lumpur. Is there any ministries toward the spreading of the Gospel and/or the helping of those in need in Kuala Lumpur that I could support. I am very excited and interested as to where this adventure in Christian unity may lead. Thanks for any help you can provide and also thanks for a great web site where the Gospel of our Lord is openly declared. Because He Lives, Aaron.

    3 May 2001, Jerry Boyer

    Hi, visited your site. I enjoy visiting COC sites...I enjoy various articles and resources. I noticed on the directory that you are a new, was curious to see what you might be sharing! (~ ; " ) Warmest regards, Jerry Boyer

    25 April 2001, Sudheer Kumar

    Love and respect from Kumar,India. Greetings in Jesus Christ whom I am preaching in different parts of India. The Lord strengthened me to plant many churches of Christ. Especially in villages, tribal villages, many churches of Christ are worshipping. Every Sunday we worship, break bread, spending time in prayers studying the Word of God. We are having many experiences of obstacles, discouragement, and opposition through denominational people. To do much effective work I need your precious prayers, guidance, involvement and inspiring possible support. All churches of Christ send their love and greetings to you. I look forward to hear from you. In Christ, Kumar.

    19 April 2001, Cibeli Renata Pires
    I want more information about saviour, Jesus Christ and I want more information about your courses.

    9 April 2001, J. Randal Matheny

    Congratulations on your very nice web page. I found it through a link on Tony Whittaker's Web Evangelism Bulletin. You might be interested in the links below for your links/resources page. I have worked in Brazil as a missionary since 1984. The Internet has become a prime tool in our ministry. May our gracious Lord bless you richly in his Kingdom. Blessings.

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